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David Neerman & Lansiné Kouyaté

Kouyaté & Neerman

David and Lansiné, together with string bass player Ira Coleman and drummer Laurent Robin just recorded their first album, “Kangaba”, named after Lansiné’s native village in Mali. > listen


Lansiné participated in various albums of the world’s greatest Mandingo and jazz artists.

Dee Dee Bridgewater

Dee Dee Bridgewater - Red Earth (2006)

With “Red Earth, a Malian journey”, recorded in Bamako in autumn 2006, the famous American jazz diva returns to her African roots. She chose to discover the Malian music. Lansiné participates with ten other musicians in her world tour to promote this new afro-jazz fusion. > listen


Yakhouba Sissokho & Lansiné Kouyaté - Kora & Balafon (2006)

This CD is inspired by traditional African music. The recording consists entirely of instrumental tracks, duets between Sissoko's kora (21-stringed harp) and Kouyate's balafon. They have an unparalleled ability to listen to each other and blend the sounds of their instruments easily together. Sometimes one comes to the melodic fore while the other provides accompaniment; sometimes they intertwine their intricate melodies with intense energy: a harmonic duo, beautiful and peaceful melodies. > listen


Cheick Tidiane Seck - MandinGroove (2004)

MandinGroove is Cheick Tidiane Seck’s first solo album, recorded in Paris, New York and Los Angeles. The album is a joyful patchwork, a melting pot of rhythms and high-boiling voices bringing together musicians from the African Diaspora and famous jazzmen: extremely funky, groovy fusion! > listen


Jean-Jacques Avenel - Waraba (2004)

The encounter of the famous French string bass player Jean-Jacques Avenel with Lansiné Kouyaté, Yakouba Sissokho (kora) and Moriba Koïta (ngoni), encouraged him to found the group "Waraba" (lion). The flutist Michel Édelin also joined the group. Published in 2004, Waraba valorizes the complementary features of strings, balafon and flute music, building a harmonious and peaceful universe. > listen

Cissoko Bakine Percussion

Cissoko - Bakine Percussion (2002)

The Senegalese Jules Souleymane Cissokho, together his brother Moussa Cissokho, created the percussion group "Cissoko Bakine Percussion". It is a wonderful album inspired by traditional African music and instruments, including the balafon played by Lansiné, the peul flute, the kora and a mixture of djembé. > listen

Marque Gilmore

Marque Gilmore - Creation Step (2001)

This is maybe one of the most experimental project in which Lansiné participated. Creation Step blends experimental dance music with ancestral sounds resulting in a sonic landscape. This current musical focus re-unites DRUM-FM in a collaboration with Malian musician Cheick Tidiane Seck and special guest vocalist Imani Uzuri. Among others, he is further joined by Malian balafon player Lansine Kouyaté, Afro-beat drum supremo Tony Allen and his brother, the guitarist David Gilmore. > listen   

Baaba Maal

Baaba Maal - Mi Yeewni (2001)

Mi Yeewnii (missing you) takes us directly to the heart of West Africa. Far away from modern arrangements of Western-flavored studios, this album is a quasi field recording of the Senegalese singer Baaba Maal and his band performing out of doors in the middle of his native Fulani village. Lansiné took part in this wonderful back-to-the-roots trip. > listen

Divas from Mali

Divas from Mali (1997)

This album brings together four of the most beautiful West African voices: Kandia Kouyate, Mah Damba, Sali Sidibe et Oumou Sangare. All the tracks feature traditional acoustic instrumentation. Backed by Lansiné on balafon, Mah Damba sings "Sounafi" and "Jarabi". "Jaribi" is one of the most beautiful songs in the jeli repertoire (Ami Koita, Bembeya Jazz National and Toumani Diabate have all recorded memorable versions) and on this version Mah Damba and Lansiné are joined by Djeli Moussa Diawara, the renowned Guinean kora player and singer. The last track from the Cologne concert is a solo balafon piece (Jeli) by Lansiné that showcases his fine playing. > listen

Moriba Koita

Moriba Koita – Sorotoumou (1997)

This all-instrumental CD is a rare recording that features the ngoni, which is a small stringed instrument with skin stretched over the sound hole. Backed by Yakhouba Sissoko on kora, Moussa Sissoko on djembe, Lansiné Kouyaté on balafon and Sambou Diabaté on doundoumba, Moriba Koita demonstrates what a soulful instrument the ngoni can be. > listen

Sekouba Bambino

Sekouba Bambino – Kassa (1997)

Bambino’s warm voice suits the tasteful arrangements mixing modern and traditional instruments. The backing musicians are comprised of excellent West African musicians, with choristers such as Djanka Diabate and Kandia Kouyate, with Baba Sissiko on guitar, Diely Conde on kora and Lansiné Kouyaté on balafon. On the traditional song, “Diommaya”, which is 9 minutes long, Bambino sings alongside Kandia Kouyate to a backing of ngoni and balafon. A warm and and lovely disk. > listen

Salif Keita - Folon

Salif Keïta - Folon et Sosie (1995/96)

As Salif Keita’s balafonist (1192-1998), Lansiné participated in the recording of two of his albums (Folon in 1995 and Sosie in 1996), the musical projects of Chante Gérard Manset and various soundtracks (“Lion Kid” (1992), “The Elephant Masters” and “Taxi Brousse” (1997). The album Folon is dedicated to Albino children for whom Salif created an association. > listen

hank jones

Hank Jones - Sarala (1995)

At the age of 80, the great Afro-American pianist Hank Jones decided to play with Cheick Tidiane Seck and the Mandinkas, about 20 Mandingo musicians including Lansiné Kouyaté on the balafon. This fabulous dialogue of two cultures led to the recording of “Sarala”, published in November 1995. In Mandingo language Sarala means “I trust you”. Sincerity is the key word of this touching and inspiring recording between jazz and mother Africa. > listen

Manu Dibango - Wanafrika

Manu Dibango – Wakafrika (1994)

Just before his 60th birthday, Manu Dibango succeeded bringing together African artists (Youssou N'Dour, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Salif Keita, Geoffrey Oryema, Ray Lema, Papa Wemba, King Sunny Adé, etc.) with European musicians (Peter Gabriel, Sinéad O'Connor, Dominic Miller, Manu Katché, etc.) to pay tribute to the modern African musical heritage. Lansiné is one of the musicians who were not yet very well-known. Dibango still draws his inspiration for his own compositions on the marimba from traditional melodies played by Lansiné and other artists. > listen

Sanougue Kouyaté Sanougué Kouyaté - Balenda Djibe
Kasse Mady Kassé Mady - Kela
Seckou & Ramata (1991)